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You may not realize you  need this, but you do!  I was amazed by this diverter! It is very well made and very sturdy and adorable! I did not expect this quality. I am very happy with this steam diverter and everyone comments on how cute it is! Functional, easy to clean, and great looking! What else could I have asked for?? Oh, and it keeps the steam off my cabinets, which was why I bought it in the first place. 9/19/2019

Lisa B

Excellent Quality, Shipped and arrived quickly.  We bought an Instant Pot and needed a steam diverter to protect our cabinets. We found this cute bird and its baby and decided to get it. It comes in 2 pieces for different types of pressure cookers. They are easy to put together and take apart.
I am very happy with my purchase.
Have a Great day. 7/30/2019


The PotHeadz Steam Diverter directs steam away from my cabinets.  I've used this PotHeadz Steam Diverter several times, now, and am happy with the steam diverting away from my cabinets when I Quick Release (QR) my Duo 7-in-1 6 qt Instant Pot (IP) . I have no counter space to place my IP that doesn't have a cabinet above it and, for safety sake, I will not put the IP on the stove. This device is for 2 different Pots (the base separates from the 'birds') and as I have a 6 qt Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1, I use the 'birds' by putting the device on the steam release handle after the food has cooked and I want to begin a QR. It's not intended to be put on the steam release handle as the food cooks but rather to place onto the steam release handle when ready to QR. A good amount of steam may exit the birds mouth so do not stand directly in front of the 'birds'. Using the 'birds,' I have no worry about burning my hand or fingers or having to wrap a towel or hot pad around the steam release handle when QR. The PotHeadz 'birds' is large enough to fit in my hand well and easy to place onto the steam release handle. An added benefit is that the 'birds' quiet the sound of a QR. I'm very pleased with this well made device.  9/15/2019


Love it!  Works great and is cute too.  8/10/2020

Rosemary K Bailey