Are you tired of your Instant Pot® releasing steam under your cabinets, potentially warping, staining or damaging them?  How about you RVer’s out there, are you sick of your Instant Pot venting steam directly onto your ceiling?  Or worse yet, spreading harmful mildew, bacterial, or mold?  And even more frustrating when food splatters out of the vent onto your walls, cabinets or counters?

We were too!  We searched the internet – tried the PVC pipes (do you know PVC is toxic?), holding the hand towel while releasing steam (burning ourselves a couple times), and ultimately trying the other diverters sold on Amazon and Etsy – which worked ok, but did not fit well on our Instant Pot and created too much of a mess with condensation.

So we hired an engineer/design team to solve these problems and PotHeadz was born – a fun, functional accessory for our pot and YOURS!

Problem solved!  Be the envy of your family and friends with a colorful, whimsical PotHeadz steam vent and shoot the steam where you want it to go.  Plus a big bonus of making your cooking clean up much easier.

CAUTION – HOT STEAM – do not place hands or face in front of steam during venting!


*Instant Pot® is a registered trademark of Instant Brands Inc. Corporation Canada.  PotHeadz is not associated with or sponsored by Instant Brands Inc. Corporation Canada.